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The odds for the 2022 World Cup at 1win are reduced in our collective bets right in the middle of the football season.In other words, from November 20 to December 18 we will have a football and football holiday.
Yes, the NFL runs an American sports betting bus. But all over the world, no event requires more bets than the World Cup every four years.
Let's look at perspectives - on both sides of the counter - of how astute players are approaching the World Cup.

Based on 1win sources

Football superstar Lionel Messi announced that this would be his last World Cup in Argentina. Messi and his Argentinian comrades are playing pretty well, and professional players have noticed this in the World Cup futures market.
“Argentina got all the attention in the run-up and moved from 10-1 to 5-1,” WynnBet junior trader Dom DeBonis said. “Argentines are unbeaten in 38 games in a row, bringing Lionel Messi his first international trophy at the last Copa América. And they are full of attacking talent."
Argentina has always been among the favorites in the World Cup betting market. But in Serbia and Uruguay, there were also some long-range strikes in Serbia and Uruguay. Serbia is now 75-1 at 1win after opening 100-1, while Uruguay improved from 50-1 to 40-1, 11th in a field of 32 teams.
“Sharp market moves in the industry for these three teams suggest they were undervalued at the open,” DeBonis said of Argentina, Serbia and Uruguay. "Sharp money has taken each of them up a level in terms of where the top players expect them to end up."

Fire early, fire late, fire futures

The draw for the World Cup took place on April 1, and all group stage matches were determined for 32 teams. You could bet on these games for months. So it's been a while since there's been a lot of sharp play.
“The hottest players will actually only be recruited by rookies or couples based on pre-match roster cuts,” DeBonis said.
Translation: Professional players may have jumped on the first numbers a few months ago, but probably won't get back to breaking news until just before game day.
But in the World Cup futures markets—especially the tournament and group winners—the performance of smart players has been more consistent.
“Betting on group and winner [tournament] futures is a different story because you can get a profitable number that can be insured later in the tournament,” DeBonis said.

Great Danes

Rob Misch, who wouldn't call himself shrewd but is certainly an experienced and informed football bettor, provided an example that illustrates DeBonis's point of view on hedging.
“I got 60-1 on Denmark in early February,” said Misch, a sports betting columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times. “Denmark is just good and they are the darlings of the tournaments.”
Part of that endearing status is due to the remarkable return of Christian Eriksen. At the 2021 European Championship, Eriksen collapsed right on the pitch due to cardiac arrest during a match against Finland. It took a defibrillator to get his heart beating again. Eriksen will lead the Danes to the 2022 World Cup.
"He's back and now he's full of energy," Mish said.
Oh, and Denmark is in the 30-1 range right now. If the Danish side breaks through and makes it out of the group stage, Mich might consider hedge against his 60-1 championship spot by betting against Denmark's opponent game by game.
Mish also made what at the time seemed like a great 300-1 bet on Canada again in February. The Canadians lost just one match in a World Cup qualifier. However, goalkeeper Maxim Krepo broke his leg while playing for Los Angeles in the MLS Cup final on November 5, so he was eliminated from the tournament.
In addition, Canadian star Alphonso Davis is recovering from a hamstring injury that could slow his participation in the tournament.
However, Mish is hopeful that big prospect Canada can make it out of Group F, which includes Belgium and Croatia, to reach the round of 16. Stage. I could potentially bet big against Canada."

USA: Mild Game

The US men's national team is well behind WynnBet, currently 150-1 on winning the World Cup. So if you bet $100 on Team USA and the Americans have an unfathomable run, you win $15,000.
But there's a reason why USMNT - deadlocked with six teams as the 14th pick on the odds board - has such long odds. Bookmakers will consider Team USA lucky to have made it out of Group B, which includes England, Wales and Iran, to advance to the Round of 16.
However, this does not prevent public/recreational bettors from fulfilling some patriotic betting obligations.
“Our biggest responsibility, as probably all American bookmakers, is the US,” DeBonis said. “Although the Americans are a long way from winning the tournament, it is hoped that a good result could bring some new fans to the sport who enjoy betting on games as we prepare to host the 2026 World Cup.”
According to Dylan Brossman, senior manager of trading operations at  FOX Bet , there is expected to be an influx of US players supporting Team USA. 
“No wonder the US has the most tickets at the moment,” Brossman said. "Right behind [the US team] are Brazil and Germany." 
Team USA is currently 200-1 at FOX Bet, one of the 17th picks. This means that a $100 bet will - very hypothetically - pay $20,000 if the US wins the World Cup. 
But for action
Among the eight groups - four teams each - in this 32-team football extravaganza, one stands out for its witty players: Group A. And again, they're not necessarily betting on Group A games, but rather on Group A futures - which team win the group.
“Group A attracts the sharpest action as Senegal gets support early. But the injury to her star Sadio Mane changed that,” DeBonis said. "The action [since then] takes place in the group's favorite Holland [the Netherlands] and long-term host country Qatar."
Mane suffered a leg injury in early November while playing for his professional club Bayern Munich. He is expected to miss Senegal's first group match on 21 November against the Netherlands and likely the 25 November match against host country Qatar.
The Netherlands are now favorites to win Group A at -2.55 Senegal and Ecuador are +6.00 and Qatar are far behind at +17.00.

Sweet in Serbia

As DeBonis noted above, in the World Cup odds market, Serbia is among the far-sighted players. Mis believes that Serbia can at least be among the top two teams in Group D, finishing behind World Cup favorites Brazil and advancing to the playoffs.
Most likely, it will come to the last game of the Serbian team in Group G against Switzerland, which will take place on December 2. And Mikh is already participating in it.
"I think Serbia will beat Switzerland. It's a big game for me," he said.
In 1win , in three-way betting, Serbia is a modest underdog +1.85, Switzerland is a +1.65 favorite and a +2.25 draw.

Learning to bet

This brings us to an important point about football betting for those unfamiliar: most bookmakers offer three-way betting on World Cup matches. A bet is placed on what the result will be after 90 minutes plus injury time. Thus, you can bet on any side or on a draw.
For example, in the Serbia-Switzerland game above: a $100 bet on Serbia +1.85 would yield a $185 profit if Serbia wins; playing in Switzerland for $100 will bring in $165; and if you bet $100 on a draw and the two teams tie after 90 minutes plus injury time, you win $225.
The draw option is worth keeping in mind, especially since group stage games do not go into extra time.
“A tie on the three-way line is about 24%, which corresponds to a line of +3.17,” DeBonis explained. “The closest matches tend to be tied at odds of +1.85 to +2.25, so the time it would be beneficial would actually be when there is more of a chalk-underdog mismatch in the game. This is especially true in international tournaments where teams spend less time building cohesion and cohesion and may not get results in the same clip you see at club level."
However, if you bet on either Team A or Team B to win in a three-way option and the game is tied after regulation and injury time, you lose your bet. It's not a push like, say, the NFL money line.
And even in the playoffs, where games go into overtime, a bet on a three-way line is a bet on the result in 90 minutes plus injury time. If you bet on Team A to win in three way bets and the game is tied after regular time plus injury time, you will lose your bet even if Team A wins in overtime or on penalties.
If you prefer to avoid this, most books also offer double-sided bets where you simply choose which team you think will win. This is a standard money line bet on each side, so if the game ends in a tie, the result of the bet is a push and a refund. Also, if the game goes into extra time - in this case for World Cup playoff games - you will get the result, either win or lose, whether it's overtime or on penalties.
As for me, not a very witty player, I like to bet on a draw, even if the odds say I shouldn't. In case you haven't noticed, football often doesn't score that many. I won't get carried away with it, but as far as the odds for the 2022 World Cup are concerned, you can count on me to bet on multiple 1-1 or 0-0 draws. Then let's go to Chile, my friends. All the events mentioned in the article are already available for betting on the 1win official website or mobile application.

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