Stadiums of shame: Numbers World Cup hosts Qatar don't want to show

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As the global media and teams begin to arrive, the facts and figures behind workers' and human rights in Qatar remain difficult to uncover.As 32 teams gather in Qatar for this most troubling World Cup ever, the following numbers serve as stark reminders of the human toll in the tournament, as well as the ongoing suffering of migrant workers, women and the LGBTQ+ community in the country.
Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, wants us to focus exclusively on football. Many will. But the impact of the World Cup should be measured not only by the balance sheet or the honor roll of the tournament, but also by the realities of ordinary people's lives. These are just some of the numbers that put Qatar's gleaming new stadiums and the 22nd FIFA World Cup to shame:
The amount Qatar has reportedly spent to prepare for the World Cup, compared to about $11 billion spent by Russia in 2018.
Number of human rights articles or conditions relating to labor protection requested by FIFA from the Qatari authorities when granting hosting rights in 2010.
Official number of worker deaths during preparations for the 2022 World Cup according to Qataris and Infantino. Nicholas McGeehan of civil rights organization Fair Square calls the number "a deliberate attempt to mislead" as it focuses on projects that account for only 1% of Qatar's construction. The Supreme Committee says that another 36 stadium workers also died, but for "non-working" reasons, i.e. they died after a day's work of "natural causes".
The exact number of migrant workers who died as a result of the negligence of projects related to the World Cup. The real number will never be known. According to Human Rights Watch, "Qatari authorities have failed to investigate the deaths of thousands of migrant workers, many of them related to 'natural causes'." HRW also found that families rarely receive death compensation in such cases, as non-work-related deaths are not compensable under Qatari labor law.
Migrant workers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have died in Qatar between 2010, when the tournament was awarded, and 2021, according to the Guardian.
Heat-related deaths among Nepalese workers in Qatar, according to a 2019 study in the journal Cardiology that found a correlation and concluded that "up to 200 out of 571 cardiovascular deaths [of Nepalese workers] in 2009–2017 years could have been prevented" by effective thermal protection measures. “We know that workers undergo medical examinations before leaving their country and upon arrival,” says Isobel Archer of the Business and Human Rights Resource Center. "They are considered healthy and healthy, but we know that there have been many deaths among previously healthy young people on a scale that would be astounding in any other context."
Lowest number of migrant workers Amnesty International believes have been exploited and abused due to lax labor laws and lack of access to justice in Qatar over the past 12 years.
According to Amnesty International, many migrant workers in Qatar worked several hours a day, especially in the domestic and security sectors. A recent Evidem report found many similar stories, including one from a Kenyan worker who described a 14-hour day at Lusail Stadium without paid overtime for more than two years.
The legal minimum wage per month in Qatar is 1,000 riyals, equivalent to about £1 an hour, although food and lodging is provided. In recent years, the authorities have introduced a number of labor reforms, including the introduction of a minimum wage and the abolition of the kafala or sponsorship system. However, rights groups say this was partial and many violations still take place.
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