Israel Adesanya was surprised that Alex Pereira did not become a betting favorite at UFC 281: “How can we change this or something like that, simulate an injury?”

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NEW YORK . Israel Adesanya does not look at the odds, but on Tuesday night they scrolled on the screen of his smartphone.
“I love (the pressure) on me,” Adesanya told MMA Junkie and other reporters at a pre-fight press conference at UFC 281 on Wednesday. “I like it on me in this. I saw last night, I'm like, "Why am I the favorite in this at odds?" I never look at them, but I happened to see something on Instagram and thought: “What the fuck am I a favorite for?” I feel like we need to change that. How can we change this or something like that, simulate trauma? I dont know. Let's see. I think we should bet on him in this fight. Yeah, we'll just see what happens."

While he didn't specifically say he thinks the odds are wrong, nor did he provide further evidence for his verbal surprise, Adesanya (23-1 MMA, 12-1 UFC) has previously criticized public opinion about his kickboxing fights against Alex. Pereira (6-1 MMA, 3-0 UFC ), his UFC opponent on Saturday at Madison Square Garden.
Adesanya was successful in both fights. The first decision was controversial. The second was a knockout loss in a fight that many thought he was winning until the last blows.
“You can see the faces of me and him as soon as his hand was raised,” Adesanya was the first to say of the fight. “Of course it was a close fight. But if you judge the fight by kickboxing standards, I did the job. I also watched highlights. ... I saw the shots I hit him with then, but he just could eat them. Back then I was a skinny boy, a skinny clown. But I can find the same angles on it. My game is very different. My punch has always been better for MMA. I said it from the jump. I'm just really good at punches that have dominated kickboxing, but my punches have always been better for MMA. Yes, again. Let's see."
As Adesanya mentioned in his reflections on past battles, everything has changed in his assessment, but not only for him. He also pointed out improvement to Pereira. In the end, the last fight is removed for five years.
"I think he's a fast learner," Adesanya said of Pereira. “He has very good qualities that he brings to MMA as well. His physique is very good for MMA, as is mine. We are almost the same height. He's just complicated. ... I look forward to even being in the clinch with him, just so he can get a little feel for me.
In every fight, Adesanya wants to win. This is a given. But with Pereira and their history, this case is special. This one stands above the rest for him because of past history - and he plans to finally avenge the ghosts of yesteryear.
“Just the fact that we have this kind of history, I feel like there is some sort of struggle (I need to win, that’s it),” Adesanya said. “Every second fight was important to me, the fight with Whittaker, part 1, the fight with Brunson, Tavares, Costa and so on. But this fight I feel when I stand in front of him every round, I just know. I just see it. I get vibrations. I just see it. This is the one I have to win." Bets on this event are accepted by the 1win bookmaker , at the best odds. 
“…Completely crush your enemies. If you leave any signs of life behind, they will return to take revenge. You should have killed me in Brazil. Now it's my time and I'll crush him completely - or maybe I'll just jab and kick him. Let's see."

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