Creepy moment in Italian volleyball: Leon passes out during a game

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Everything worked out - Wilfredo lifted the Italian Super Cup over his head.
"Perugia" in Cagliari in the match for the Italian Super Cup with a score of 3: 2 defeated "Civitanova". The teams pleased the fans with beautiful volleyball and intense wrestling, but at the tie-break everyone had to get nervous not at all because of the score. Perugia leader Wilfredo Leon slipped, hit the back of his head and lost consciousness for about half a minute.
The episode took place with the score 12:5 shortly after Perugia on the innings of Leon made a key breakthrough (8:4 - 12:4). Wilfredo attacked from the back line, and when he landed, both of his feet went on a slippery floor - a few moments before, after playing defense, this section of the court was moistened with a sweaty uniform by Oleg Plotnitsky . As a result, the 29-year-old volleyball player hit the back of his head and passed out for about half a minute.
With the help of club doctors, Leon regained consciousness, and after two minutes he was on his own, reassuring everyone he had frightened. Of course, he spent the rest of the match on the bench, but after the final whistle he came out to celebrate the victory with his partners - they carefully patted their partner on the head. By the award ceremony, Leon fully recovered and, as a captain, was the first to raise the trophy above his head.
“I was scared too. For a while, my head turned off. And when I returned, the game was over!” Wilfredo said after the match.
After leaving Zenit Kazan, Leon most often wins the Italian Super Cup, in which the four strongest teams of the Italian league last season traditionally take part. In 2019, Perugia defeated Modena (3:2) in the final, and a year later, Civitanova (3:2). Now, with the same score of 3:2, Civitanova, the reigning champion of Italy, has been defeated again.
Leon showed a fantastic game in attack, scoring 19 of 28 goals (68%, 3 losses). He also has 1 block and 1 ace to his credit - he served the most in the match. At the same time, it was not he who received the title of MVP of the final, but the Ukrainian player Plotnitsky, who replaced Kamil Semenyuk during the third set . Plotnitsky failed the ending of this very set: a pass into the net and an error in the reception. But then the Ukrainian was very useful. In the fifth set, he has 3 of 3 in attack and 2 blocks. It was he and Leon who made the difference at the most important moment.
“Civitanova” had excellent chances to complete the match in four games. Thanks to the opponent's mistakes, as well as the blocks of Marlon Yant and Simone AnzaniGianlorenzo Blengini's team led 7:2, but after that the diagonal Gabriel Garcia (1/7) stalled in the attack, Mattia Bottolo began to make mistakes,  all the advantage was lost - 11:11. In the end, Ivan Zaitsev came out , but he was also covered by a block (21:23).
At the tie-break, "Civitanova" unsuccessfully received and, as a result, failed in the attack - only 27% of sales (3/11). Another 5 points scored are the mistakes of the opponents. But "Perugia" lit up in the attack (83%) - they scored both the edges (6/7) and the centers (4/5).

Note that Perugia beat Civitanova for the second time in six days. On October 27, the teams met in the match of the Italian championship and Andrea Anastasi 's wards won away with a score of 3:1. Then the hero of the match was Semenyuk, who scored 18 points, including 12 break points.
On November 6, Perugia, in the status of the owner of the Italian Cup and Super Cup, will play at home with Milan, and Civitanova will host Maksim Sapozhkov 's Verona . Perugia are leading the tournament, having won all five matches. But "Civitanova" already has three defeats in six matches of the national league - from "Padua" (2:3), "Monza" (0:3) and "Perugia" (1:3). 
UPD. “At the moment, Wilfredo feels good. But he needs to go to the hospital and get tested,” Anastasi said the morning after the match.
Italian Super Cup 2022
The final
Civitanova - Perugia - 2:3 (25:20, 22:25, 25:23, 22:25, 8:15)
Garcia (21), Yant (18), Bottolo (16) - Leon (21), Rykhlitsky ( 14), Carpenter (11)

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